Warehouse keeper (warehouse operator)

4000 — 5500








1. Check according to the delivery list and the incoming material list, and put them into the designated area after checking them correctly;

2. Deliver to the designated location of the workshop according to the material delivery list;

3. Check the warehouse entry of the workshop and store it in the designated area;

4. Deliver goods according to the finished product delivery process;

5. Guidance for external delivery and picking up personnel and vehicles;

6. Store according to the classification requirements and special requirements of each warehouse, and register the warehouse location;

7. 6S work on site; Patrol inspection and record in the warehouse area; Assist in inventory counting;

8. Daily point inspection and maintenance of warehouse facilities and equipment such as forklifts, trailers and fire-fighting equipment;

9. Other work assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Skilled forklift operation skills.

2. Honesty and reliability; Enthusiastic, dedicated and proactive; Have team spirit. Experience in warehouse management is preferred