Production Assistant

3000 — 4500








1. Prepare and sort out production reports according to order requirements;

2. Tracking the execution of production orders, production efficiency, product production status and completion date;

3. Communicate with the warehouse department on the quantity statistics of defective products and semi-finished products in the warehouse.

4. Other relevant data analysis and data archiving of the production department such as the project list.

5. Registration and entry of samples and tds

6. Customer property registration (mainly workpieces from customers)

7. Filing and updating standing book of standards for raw materials and finished products (including signed paper files)

8. Filing of test technical parameters

9. The Technology Department shall retain the sample plate and sample powder.

10. Assist the superior in managing the department, obey the management and assignment of the department, and complete other tasks assigned by the department.

Job requirements:

1. Statistics and other related majors, technical secondary school education or above, all fresh students can;

2. Familiar with 5S and system management, skilled in using office software

3. Proactive, with good pressure resistance and teamwork ability.

Benefits: double holidays, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, team building, accommodation, free working meals