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Carbon-Explore New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

8000 Tons/year

Changzhou annual production capacity

15000 Tons/year

Dongguan annual production capacity

Carbon-Explore New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of thermosetting powder coatings and graphene modified powder coatings. The company is located in the national graphene technology industrial park in Changzhou, Jiangsu.
The company has the most advanced powder coating automatic production line, testing equipment and perfect quality assurance system in China, and its products have served as the benchmark enterprises in huawei, zte, gree,Siemens, SONY, whilpool, cnooc, sinopec,jinchuang and other industries.
At the same time, the company adheres to the concept of "high efficiency,system, sustainable and breakthrough" and camies out strategic cooperation with shenzhen tsinghua research institute, jiangnan graphene research institute, and other graphene authoritative institutions, successfully applying graphene to powder coating to fill the blank of domestic powder coating industry. It has become the first domestic graphene powder coating manufacturer, and the special powder coating for graphene railway couplers jointly developed with China railway corporation has passed the review by the railway coporation.
"Carbon-Explore" keeps pace with The Times, grows continuously, distributes the whole country, already established two production factories of changzhou carbon cable and dongguan carbon cable, and plans to set Up new manufacturing plants in chengdu and tianjin by 2020.