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Quality Manager



Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

6000 — 10000

1.Responsible for the implementation of the company's quality policy, quality objectives and improving the quality management of the company.
2.Responsible for the development and implementation of various quality management systems of the company, as well as the implementation and promotion of various quality management activities of the company.
3.Organise and coordinate the certification of the company's products.
4.Responsible for the development and implementation of quality standards and inspection procedures for incoming materials, in-process products and finished products, and supervising and guiding the quality inspection work.
5.Responsible for handling quality abnormalities, assisting in handling customer complaints and return investigations, cause analysis, and drawing up improvement measures.
6.Responsible for the collection, transmission and response of quality management information as well as the analysis and control of quality costs.
7.Responsible for organising the control of non-conforming products, formulating preventive and corrective measures for non-conforming products and supervising their implementation.
8.Responsible for the management of inspection instruments, gauges and laboratory equipment.
9.Responsible for supervising, checking quality records and organising analysis of management data.
10.Responsible for the training of inspection personnel on quality fundamentals and inspection work points.
11.Responsible for other work assigned by the General Manager.
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